GlobalSign CIT is a Certificate Lifecycle Management tool, made for IT professionals who deal with internal, external or both kinds of certificates. With the help of GlobalSign CIT, you can:

Make certificates visible:

  • Know exactly how many certificates you have, where and how they are used
  • Detect every certificate your company owns, even unknown or missing ones
  • Manage certificates from multiple domains and subdomains, heterogeneous environments and Certificate Authorities, all in one platform

 Monitor network health:

  • Get a general understanding of your whole system health through the aggregated data
  • View the details of every SSL\TLS certificate: key and signature algorithm, key strength size, issuer name and location, IP addresses and ports, certificate expiration status and expiry date
  • Set up reporting to receive updates automatically to your email without logging in to the platform

Prevent outages:

  • Detect network weaknesses and check your SSL\TLS certificates for common errors
  • Keep track of certificate upcoming expiration dates

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