To get started with GlobalSign CIT, follow these steps to get up and running:

Set up your scan profile. You were prompted to create your first external scan profile during the signup process, but if you skipped it, just go to the Discovery tab and hit Create. In Beta, you’re able to scan up to 200 targets in one scan run, but don’t worry – we’ll fix this limitation in the next release.

Run scan to detect all certificates in your network. On the Discovery page, select the All profiles tab and hit Run scan from the dropdown menu in the Action column.

Monitor scan results in the Dashboard. This presents a summary of the scan in widgets. Use the Dashboard to explore information on the overall system health and define the groups of certificates that may require additional monitoring.

Filter certificates in All certificates tab to segment them into smaller groups. If you want to keep the results for further access, Save them as a Group to have one-click access from the navigation bar.

Set up automated reports to run itself daily or weekly and send the results automatically to your email so that you don’t have to remember to log in and check expiration dates and other details manually. To do this, navigate to the Reports tab and hit Create.