This part of the dashboard visualizes the data about your certificates with the help of diagrams with a set of the following widgets:

  • Last Scan Status
    Displays the status of the last scan, its date, and the number of certificates that were found
  • Signature Hash Algorithm
    Displays the ratio of cryptographic algorithms for digital signature generation or verification used by the certificates in the inventory
  • Host Count
    Shows how many single domain and wildcard certificates are present in the inventory. You will see how many certificates are present on 2-4 hosts, 5-10, 11-50 and more than 50
  • Key Strength
    Shows the number of bits in a key used by a cryptographic algorithm and percent of keys of different size in your certificate inventory
  • Certificate Authority
    Shows the number of certificates that were signed by each Certificate Authority

You can also create a group directly from the dashboard.

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